Do You Hear What I Hear?

My fellow believers, God is speaking to His people and the question is; are we listening. We have been faced with very unusual weather patterns all over the land. These unusual weather patterns have affected several different territories. Whether we believe it or not, God is speaking through His natural elements

(The Wind, The Earth, The Rain, and The Fire (The Sun). Most would think that Hurricanes, Cyclones, Tornadoes, Wild Fires and Tsunamis and other natural disasters are the work of the enemy. But, I’m here to tell you they are the BREATH OF GOD. Several months ago I was seeking the Lord about what should be the theme of our 9th Year Dance Ministries Anniversary and He told me “BREATH”. I must say that I was wondering if God told me BREATHE or BREATH, but when I began to think about some things He previously spoke to me, I more that I was sure He said BREATH. In the past years God spoke to me concerning Spiritual Elements. One year He dealt with me concerning Jesus being the River Of Life (In 2003 I had a dream about deluges of water and that Thanksgiving of the same year the Tsunami took place, The next year He dealt with me concerning Jesus being able to take us “Beyond Limits” (This 2006 was one of the greatest years of my Christian life). Another year He dealt with me concerning us as believers “Arising and Shining” (2007 this was a year that I felt that I was hit with so hard of a blow from the enemy that I thought I would not rise again, or shine . And this year 2008 He dealt with me about “The Sound. And I know He was sharing with me about Spiritual Discernment (Hearing the Voice of God, clearly and accurately).
Here are the definitions of each weather condition.

Hurricanes – A tropical cyclone with winds of 74 mph or greater that is usually accompanied by rain, thunder, and lightening and that sometimes moves into temperate latitude.

Cyclones – A storm or system of winds that rotates about a center of low atmospheric pressure clockwise in the southern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the northern, advances at a speed of 20 – 30 mph and often brings abundant rain. Tornado, low. Any various centrifugal devices for separating materials (as solids particles from gases or liquids).

Tornados – Thunderstorm, A tropical thunderstorm. A squall accompanying a thunderstorm in Africa. A violent destructive whirlwind accompanied by a funnel-shaped cloud; that progresses in a narrow path over the land. A violent wind-storm. WHIRLWIND

Wildfires – A sweeping (To move swiftly, forcefully or devastatingly) and destructive conflagration. Something that acts intensely and usually very rapidly. A phosphorescent glow. A destructive bacterial disease of tobacco.

Tsunamis –A great sea wave produced by submarine earth movement or volcanic eruption.
A). Erupt- to force out or to release suddenly and often violently something that is pent up. To burst from limits or restraints. To emerge through the gum. To become active or violent. To break out. To force out or release, usually suddenly and violently.

Earthquakes – A shaking or trembling of the earth that is volcanic (Explosively violent) or tectonic in origin.

The one thing that all of these natural disasters have in common is wind (BREATH OF GOD). Movement

God is so merciful and longsuffering, but He also has a wrath.

Wrath – Strong vengeful anger or indignation. Retributory (Retribution- to pay back, the dispensing or receiving of reward or punishment. Something given or exacted in recompense) punishment for an offense or a crime: divine chastisement.

Nahum 1:3 (NKJV)
The LORD is slow to anger and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked. The LORD has His way in the whirlwind and in the storm and the clouds are the dust of His feet.

This is what I heard the Lord say;
If we the believers (Christians) don’t move and cause a movement, He will move and cause movement.

Strategic Steps

2020 Africa Mission Trip Chronicles

Strategic Steps

I am so excited to share this report concerning our 2020 Kenya, East Africa Mission Trip. Of course the scripture in Psalm 37:23 ( “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way”.) truly went from Logos to Rhema throughout the entire trip.

First Step:

This was the first time in two decades that the trip was changed from the month of August to March.

Second Step:

My personal schedule wouldn’t allow hubby and I to go during the teams normal end of the month time frame. So Dr. Criddle said she would check to see if arrangements could be made during that second week of March; and praise God! It was possible.

Third Step:

The Bishop in Africa sent word to Dr. Criddle that the entire crusade would take place in the Nakuru area, which too was a first. This was due to a couple of reasons; one there was an invasion of swarms of Locusts in some parts of East Africa. We give God praise because they did not touch down in the area where we were. Hallelujah!

Fourth Step:

Because of the shift of the Mission Trip to the month of March, I realized once we were there that our 38th year wedding anniversary was coming up. And I said the year before when we were planning for our 2019 India Mission Trip: “That I didn’t want to be on the Mission Field for my wedding anniversary, no way. Well, Abba show me a thing or two. But Praise God, my African Family, gave us an unforgettable celebration.

Step Five:

As the crusade continued, some of the love ones back home began to contact us with concerns, because of the corona virus pandemic. They wanted to know how we were doing and asked if we were going to be able to enter back into the USA. We responded that we would trust God every step of the way and not make any rash decisions.

Step Six:

The Mission was complete and now we were scheduled to stop in Tanzania, Africa for our respite. Well, we continued to follow direction of Holy Spirit and go with our original plan and not change our ticket to come home early. There was only one dilemma; all of the team had visas to enter Tanzania, except one member, who was previously, denied when we applied for them before leaving the U.S. This means she would have to reapply for it at the Tanzania border. Praise God! They granted her the visa.
The last and final step, sealed the deal.

Step Seven:

As we were relaxing and unwinding in Tanzania, we saw on CNN how they were broadcasting the extremely long line in the airports. The lines were filled with U.S. Citizens who change their plans and tickets to return home. We realized Holy Spirit was clearing our path, so that we wouldn’t have to wait in U.S customs. A man can plan his ways, but God will order his steps according to Proverbs 16:10 A man’s mind plans his way [as he journeys through life],
But the Lord directs his steps and establishes them.

But we must listen and obey. Amen

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