Polished Jewels

Polished Jewels

A true mission story

This was a mission trip to remember and God truly show Himself in a mighty way. Of course, none of this came without its own challenges; so this is where I’ll start.

As usual we travel first to Baltimore, MD to come together as a team to prepare, pack and pray. Now a day the airlines fly you out of the way to get you to your final destinations, so we had to fly from Louisiana to Chicago and down to Baltimore. Leaving New Orleans our flight was delayed and then once we got on the way and made it to Chicago and had to change planes to continue to our final destination there arose; bad weather in Tennessee which we had to fly through. So now our pilot announced that we have to make an unscheduled landing in Cleveland, Ohio. Reason, because we do not have enough fuel to circle around to wait out the thunderstorm.

So, now we arrive in Baltimore several hours late which put us in the middle of rush hour traffic, but remember this is only the beginning. Finally, we get to a place where we can rest of heads, whew! This was a day. Now we can do the things necessary so that we can get prepared to leave for Africa.

So now it is Sunday and we are on our way to the airport, we must brace ourselves for these 16 hours of plane travel and I must admit it wasn’t bad at all. Now we arrive in Nairobi, Africa and guess what? My luggage was lost; trust me, this is not what I wanted to hear. So without dwelling on this situation too much we filled out the necessary forms and was on our way to the city of Nakuru where we would be lodging. Well, should I say, almost on our way; one of the vehicles that came to pick us up had a flat tire. The tire was fixed and now we are back on the road. Praise the Lord! Well we arrived at our hotel and was able to shower and get a goodnights rest. The next day we went to the Christian Brotherhood Nakuru Church and the children greeted so beautifully; they presented each team member with flowers. Later we dined at the Bishop’s home and enjoyed more warm hospitality.

Wednesday was the opening day of the Family Conference, which it would go throughout that Friday and on Saturday we would conduct a Health Fair.

The theme for this conference was “The Excellency Of The Power Of God” and mind you; we have ready begun experiencing that very thing.

God is so awesome I can’t begin to tell you all the ways that He proved Himself to us. On Thursday I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to God’s people about the Hidden Treasure on the inside of them which is Jesus Christ, based upon 2 Corinthians 4:7-10. This message, not only bless the people of God, but it blessed me too. Then later we broke out into workshops and my assignment was to teach the youth and we had a nice class indeed. We had the opportunity to go more in depth into the above scripture. Then another word went forth from the Lord and afterwards we were able to have a Dance Camp. In the camp we started to teach a dance piece that we were to present on the Saturday, we had well over 125 dancers; ranging from ages 3 to 53. Later when we came back for the general assembly all the groups were able to pick a spokesman to share what the learned in their individual workshops. Well, my luggage finally arrived and now I can wear my own clothes, this was truly a blessing.

The next day we have more of the same and again, God used each team member in a mighty way. Also, this was the day that we were to present the dance piece that we practiced in the dance camp and it was beautiful. We ministered “The Corinthian Song” by Micah Stampley and I praise God, because what He allow allowed us to do in 2 hours with people who didn’t understand our English all that well, it would have taken us days to do with people that understand our English very well.

Now today is Saturday, and time for the Health Fair, the people are waiting patiently to be squeezed, pricked and poked. The African people were so mannerly and respectful; it truly was a pleasure to serve them.

There was both a doctor and a dentist on hand to rend their volunteered services to the people; this was another awesome blessing. Sunday has finally come and there are 13 hungry souls waiting to be baptized and this was a wonderful way to start a worship service, it was a great celebration. After the service we are now on our way to Koromiti which is a 5 hour car ride, but to the natives they say it is a 3 hour ride. Well we start this journey and it is a extremely rough ride that includes a lot of road dust and strong gasoline and diesel fumes all along the way. There were pot holes that a car could fit in. Actually we hit several that almost Prayer definitely goes on continually during this time, you cannot do without it.

Finally, we arrive to our destination which is a traditional mud African home with kerosene lanterns that provides it light. Not mentioning out house restrooms and outside shower room. By now the time is late at night, but it does mean go straight to bed; it means let’s have a cup of tea and get something to bit on (Something to eat). Now it is approaching midnight and there are the children of the compound who are ready to come and serenade us with harmonious African songs which is to glorious to describe. Then we are ready to retire for the evening.

The next day we get up, so that we can be on our way to dedicate 3 churches and no, they are across the street are around the corner for each other like here in America; they are hour apart.

We arrive to the first church and the children were there waiting at the beginning of the road with tree branches to welcome us. This was truly a warm and humbling welcome. When we got there to the surprise of my team member the people of that assembly dedicated the church to the Lord in honor of her and her late husband. This was a very touching moment to say the least. So a word from the Lord was share there and off we went to the next church. This was at least another hour ride but finally, we made it there. This particular church was patiently a waiting our arrival, someone stated that the people had been there wait since 9:00am and mind you it is probably now late afternoon. This church was dedicated to the Lord in honor of the crusade leader, the word of God was preached and then we were off to our final church, back in the car for maybe another hour or so ride and finally we were there. By now evening is nigh and the people there are so cheerful and full of energy, and by now I’m thinking, can you please! give a sister some of that energy. So as we stood there on the grounds of the church the people started to come toward us with beautiful greeting leis, then to our surprise they asked my husband and I to unveil the church’s sign and low and behold it was dedicated to the Lord in our honor, we were so humbled as well as honored. So now back to the home where we were to lay our head to rest. But not without the tea, a bit and a serenade; are you crazy. So again we retire for the evening. The next morning we get ready to head back to Nakuru to rest a day, before going on the safari and then to the airport to go back to the states. All I could think of was getting to the hotel restaurant and eating me some grilled pork chops with french fries and a cold coke light, this would be the highlight of my night or so I thought. I ate it was wonderful and taste, but my God when I lay down to rest, it didn’t. So of course you know what happen it rush out from top and bottom, then I felt better. Then I had to do a little washing up of course before I went to bed. Next morning I feel much better and we’re on our way to the safari or so I thought, after a couple of rough ride back and forth we arrive at the gate to go in the safari and I my stomach started to turning again, oh no, I thought. Well there no stopping what was about to come and up it came from top and bottom. And now I am really feeling better cause there is nothing left to turn inside my stomach, but no one would be able to stand or sit next to a sister, I smelled.

So we called for a ride back to the hotel and I went there washed again and laid down and waited until it was time to go to the airport.

Basically, I shared all of these details to let you that God took care of us and most of all, He polished His Jewels. God is so awesome. I would do it all over again.

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