Isaiah 26: (KJV)

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

(In August 2005, I was about my Father’s business, teaching the children of Africa)


God is true a keeper. I am a strong believer, that if you take care of God’s business He will take care of everything concerning yours.


On August 28, 2005  My Husband and I was on our way to Africa for a Mission Trip. We were fully aware that Hurricane Katrina was forecasted to hit our area. We both agreed that we would trust God to take care of both our families & possessions.

I can remember on my way to the airport calling every friend and loved one that came to mind, telling them how much that we loved them. Many asked were we still planning to go through with the mission trip. And we said Yes.

As we travelled from airport to airport, I can still visualize the news reporters dooming and fearful forecasts. They assured all the viewers that New Orleans may not survive this hurricane.

Once our home was landscaped with 9 huge Evergreen Trees which bordered our corner lot. Today, there is not a tree left standing. Praise God! He cause them to be our home’s shield & fortress. Unknowing to us in our absence, my neighbors who did not evacuate for the hurricane decided they would shoot video of the inclement weather, this video also included footage of my trees being blown over. The winds began to blow really hard and these trees went down one by one. Under normal circumstances, these tall trees should have crashed into my roof and destroyed it, but God!

When we arrived in Africa the Christians there prayed continually for us. They asked God to take care of everything that we left back home. This gave us the strength to continue the assignment set before us.

(Dancing before my God, in Africa)


When there was free time, our host in Africa would bring us to internet cafes, so that we stay a breasted of what was happening and may be make contact with our loved ones. And Thank God, we did.

God already a plan for us. One of my friends drove us to our local airport, so my vehicle was parked at her home.

After the storm past I was able to make a phone call to the USA to my mother’s home. To my delight, my niece said Hello. And gave me great news , that everyone was fine.

When I was able to speak to my Mother, she told me that she was the only one who stayed behind that had a gas stove. She told us she was cooking for the community.


(Choreographing a dance with the African children)


This is another one of God’s plans. I had already made reservations for some of our dancers and myself to attend the Dancing Preachers Conference in Atlanta, Georgia when we returned from Africa. So I was able to rearrange my flight to go directly to Atlanta,  and then rearrange the other dancers to fly out of  Jackson, Mississippi to Atlanta. But first they had to go into the curfew controlled area to get my car, drive it to Jackson and park it at the airport  there. And they did.

After the conference I was able to drive my car to my Mother-In Laws home in Mississippi where we stayed for about 2 weeks, before the we were able to go back home.

Our house had minor roof and some other damage from a defrosted freezer.

God took great care of everything and we thank Him.

(Loving on the beautiful Women of Africa)

God Keeps His Promises

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