Where does your treasure lie?

19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. – Matthew 6:19-21

Thanks to everyone who agreed with us in prayer, despite all the challenges, we come with Praise Reports! I’ll start with the challenges first. Last Mission Trip to Africa, my Diamond (Jewels) was polished, this Mission Trip, it was tumbled and tested.

India Mission Trip 2011

  1. My birth name wasn’t listed on my visa application, so this cause the delay (Mo Money)
  2. They informed us that we needed to submit a marriage certificate. (Mo Money)
  3. My application had to be resubmitted and there wouldn’t be enough time to overnight it if it was approved. (Mo Money)
  4. Then we sent someone to submit the new information, but they would let her because she wasn’t immediate family.
  5. Now we had to drive to Houston to submit it in person on the day our flight was schedule to fly to Maryland. (Mo Money)
  6. Had to reschedule original domestic flight and reschedule to depart from Houston on Saturday.
  7. Now we got to rent a car one way and it is (Not cheap at all) (Mo Money)
  8. We got a great deal on the rental car, we were schedule to pick it up at 6:00pm or so we thought. As we got there to pick the place was pitch dark.
  9. Immediately call the 1-800-number and share my situation with them, so they decided to honor the special for the other store, but we would have to pay airport taxes. (Mo Money)
  10. But this meant, now we have to drive 25 minutes to go and pick it up, the time now is about 9:00pm and we were planning to leave at about 2:00am (Say, little or no rest)
  11. Now we get to Houston and we have a 9:40am appointment to submit our application with hopes of getting it approved.
  12. We are now at our appointment and the interviewer informs us that we will be approved on Monday and I’m thinking this can’t be happening. If so, we would miss our international flight.
  13. I ask, if there is anything we can do to expedite the process, and they ask if it was an emergency, and I stated yes, we have a plane to catch tomorrow. And he responded, that is not an emergency. The only emergency were death, sickness, or a wedding.
  14. So the last thing the interviewer told me was that they will send me a text if it gets ready sooner.
  15. Went back to the hotel and waited, and no text yet.
  16. We decided to go back to the office and check to see if it was finished and thank God it finally was.
  17. Our papers were released.
  18. Praise the Lord we can get on our flight tomorrow, then we can begin our Mission Trip journey.

This was the things that happen before we left; there were several other things that took place during and after the Mission Trip.

Oh I forgot to mention this, our theme for this Mission Trip was: “Walk By Faith”

I’ve made a conscience decision that, I’m not going back but, I’m moving ahead, I’m Moving Forward, No Matter What!


During this mission trip we witnessed, 2 baptisms, we received an invitation to go back to India for a month to help restore dance back into the churches there in India, Deliverance was brought to a village woman who’s mind need to be regulated. This made everything I went through all worth it. Man, I was thinking if we would have let our money (Treasures) be an issue and allowed it to stop us, what a shame that would have been.


This is my testimony: I asked the Lord to give me a witty idea or invention, so that I can create revenue in order that my husband and I can have money for mission trip and provide Africa and India with financial support. And in 2008, the Lord spoke to me and said; I have already place inside of you, Gifts and Talents. He inspired me to start designing and selling Praise Garments which I was already doing for our local Church’s Dance Ministry. So I obeyed Him and started The Master’s Touch Creations Garments & Instruments and the rest is HIStory.  We are proud to say that the Lord is been FAITHFUL. I truly thank every person that has patronized our business, because 10% or more of every sale goes toward missions here and abroad. Business is GREAT! Praise Be To The Almighty God!!!!!! Lord, my desire is to lay up my treasures in heaven.

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